Find My Family Friday: Brayden

Brayden has a forever family!! Yay!

My heart is officially broken. Just look at his face.
 I look at the difference in pictures from 2013- 2014. Such a drastic change. Yet there is still hope. Hope for him when he gets a family.

Someone needs to run to him NOW.  I wish I could jump on a plan and just get him some medical care. Or just hold him and tell him that HE IS LOVED. Here's what his bio says,

'Brayden is 2 years old, and has a CHD (ASD) which has not been addressed. His cleft lip has not been repaired (he does not have a cleft palate). He has ptosis of his left eyelid (a simple procedure would fix that). He has lost weight, and has not achieved the developmental milestones that he should. Brayden needs help. He needs a thorough medical, and surgery to repair his lip, for starters. He needs therapy and the love and attention of a family who truly want the best for him. Brayden needs a mommy and daddy. His adoption fund on Reece's Rainbow is a bit over $6,400. He needs to come home."

He currently has $6,544.26 $ 6,907.86 donated for his adoption. That's a lot of money. And if every person who gave money is praying for him, that's a lot of prayers. Somewhere his family is out there. We just need to find them. 

Will you help us? Let's find this boy his forever home. His file is currently with Hawaii International Child. {It should be able to be moved to any other agency.} Contact his current agency here. You can view his Reece's Rainbow account here. 

Praying that this handsome boy finds his forever family soon.


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  1. Oh, he breaks my heart, too! If only he had a mother to rock and comfort him. I'm praying for him and will advocate for him, too.


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